What is a Future Farm?


The intention of a Future Farm is to demonstrate to farmers, and others, how new technologies and systems impact performance, while maintaining the highest production standards within a leading environment footprint.

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Listen to Sam McIvor and Andrew Morrison talk about the Future Farm 

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Five Focus Areas

Over the next six months, the Lanercost team will focus on these five areas, giving other farmers an insight into how they could take these opportunities and challenges and use them at their own farm.

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Farm Planning

Lanercost will demonstrate how farm planning will be used to make our business stronger

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Parasite Resistance

The number one animal health concern of sheep and beef farmers, the Future Farm team will show how we are dealing with parasite resistance at Lanercost.

Virtual Fences

In spring, cattle will be fitted with collars which will enable virtual fences to be created using GPS to manage and track where the animals go.

Low Methane Genetics

Rams selected for low methane production will be run alongside the farm rams to demonstrate the production differences between them and measure the differences in the methane production by their daughters.

Rapid Genetic Change

Artificial breeding technologies will be used on the Lanercost ewe flock, demonstrating the feasibility or otherwise of using these technologies to speed up genetic gain in a commercial flock.



The Future Farm fits into Beef + Lamb New Zealand's Farming Excellence Strategy as a key piece to helping farmers understand how new technology and practices could play a role on their own farm. Farmers have access to the information from Lanercost through this website, annual fielddays and B+LNZ's e-dairy.


Identify new farm system innovations that can be adopted on farm

Practice change

Understand how new approaches to existing practices can have a positive impact

Systems integration

Introduce new technology into the farming system, and demonstrate how it will integrate into existing practices


“The organisation’s vision for the Future Farm was to inspire vibrant farming communities by demonstrating farming excellence. This aligns with the organisation’s wider strategy and vision of “profitable farmers, thriving farming communities valued by all New Zealanders.”

Sam McIvor